The world of ExoticCraftPvP! A Hunger games and Survival PvP server! Awesome and weird at the same time!
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PostSubject: Keeganrods Mod App   Keeganrods Mod App I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 3:26 am

[how long have you been on the server?] 3 days

[how old are you?] 14

[how have you helped the server?] I have recommended a new log block plugin to the owner and I offered to show him how to use it.

[how will you help the server out when you are moderator?] Well I will keep all players in line and help with spawn buildings. I would like to give the sign that says build a dock and boat house I would love to build it. I will make sure donators do not give out items and keep all lower people in line.

[will you abuse your powers?] tell me why you wont.] No, I will not abuse my powers because I've owner 3 servers and 1 is doing really good I now own 2 which are thriving greatly. I know how it feels when operators and staff abuse there powers even a co-owner. I only want to help the server not make it worst.

[why do you want to be a moderator?] Well I can see its a really nice server and I would love to help it thrive and share my knowledge with the owner. I like going onto servers and applying for staff so I can share my server knowledge with the owners. I want to help the server when it needs help with plugins. I have had lots of experience  with all staff ranks and I think I am the right person for the job. Thank You Have A Great Day.
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Keeganrods Mod App
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